Click-Pax, Maasdijk, Westland website case:

Click-Pax sells packaging so you can sell plants online. They also offer tools to make the whole process easier, faster and more sustainable. Their boxes come with a modular click system. No matter what your plant looks like, they always have a box to match.

They do not believe in one-size-fits-all. Their designers take great pride in creating custom packaging solutions that gets your brand the attention it deserves. Do you have something in mind? Or would you like a quick chat about your project? Feel free to drop them a line.

A while ago the founder of Click-Pax reached out to us to create a unique brand identity. We carefully designed the box prints in a way that reflects the identity of the brand. After this we started building the website. Together with Click-Pax we went through the process of creating a sitemap, wireframe, design and to develop it from the ground up. We’re very exited about how it turned out, and are looking forward to improve in the future. Take a look at the final results:

Click Pax website mockup 1 Westland website
Click Pax website mockup 3 Westland website
Click Pax website mockup 2 Westland website